GHF Brochures: Download, Print, Fold… Ready

brochures GHFGHF Brochures

Download and print as many copies as you like of the GHF series of informative brochures.

Use these links to view and print the foldable pdf versions of the brochures.

1. GHF – Gifted Homeschooler’s Forum –  ¿Quién es el GHF?

2. Support, Resources, Partner with GHF

3. The Healthcare Providers’ Guide to Gifted Children –  Guía para profesionales de la salud sobre Los Niños Superdotado

4. The Educators’ Guide to Gifted Children

5.  Gifted Cubed – The expanded complexity of race in gifted and 2e kids –  Superdotado al cubo o superdotado multiexcepcional

6. Twice Exceptional—Smart Kids with Learning Differences


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