Another TED-Ed win!

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by Carissa Leventis-Cox

Many people are familiar with TED Talks, the short, powerful talks covering a plethora of topics, bringing new ideas and perspectives to the global community. In 2012, TEDEd was founded to support teachers and encourage the curiosity of learners around the world.

I have been a TEDEd club leader in my homeschool co-op for the past three years. I love the TEDEd curriculum because it asks the students “what makes an idea worth spreading?” From this question, students are given the freedom to choose their topic and give that topic a voice of value. I highly recommend this curriculum, especially for gifted kids. Some of my elementary and middle school student presentations have included Inclusions in Schools, Homeschooling vs Public Schooling, The Importance of Mothers, Books Make a Difference, and Why Don’t I Like Losing?

My son, Enzo, has grown tremendously through the TEDEd process. His TEDEd project allowed him the self-determination and independence to wholeheartedly pursue the art of special effects. Enzo immersed himself in exploring, researching, creating, and watching special effects. He spent a semester intensely focused on this topic, which led to his work, The Art of Special Effects: Things that make the movies go wow, garnering enormous attention. TEDEd Club Picks highlighted his local TEDEd Club talk on their YouTube Playlist. Enzo then spoke at a local TEDxYouth@Columbia event. In December of 2016, he was invited to speak at the inaugural TEDEd Club Weekend on the NYC TED stage, and this talk was posted on the TEDEd Club speakers on the TEDEd Weekend YouTube playlist. It’s been a three-year fun TEDEd ride with Enzo and The Art of Special Effects. As a leader and parent, I learned that if you allow gifted children their passions and the freedom to pursue them, they will go farther than you ever thought. 

If you are a homeschooler and have a motivated child who wants to join my future virtual TEDEd Clubs, contact me for more information at The club is free, the work is real, and the outcome is amazing.

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