Gifted Wins: Celebrating Our Kids

Gifted Wins“Three-year-old Prodigy Discovers Cure for Cancer!” “Gifted Child Invents Perpetual Motion Machine!” 

Have you read headlines like this and thought, “My child must not be gifted”? Maybe you didn’t doubt your child’s giftedness, but feared sharing your personal success stories, knowing that what represented a major win for you would look mundane to those who did not understand?

At GHF, we welcome the diversity and wholeness that are giftedness. Not every gifted child is a prodigy. Not every gifted child excels academically. Some gifted children pursue the arts or sports. Some turn their gifted minds toward community issues. Some are still searching for their passion. The private struggles we overcome matter as much as the public kudos. 

Gifted Wins celebrates all the victories gifted families experience: From full-ride scholarships to top tier schools to the gifted winsspecial friend your unique child finally found. Perhaps not all our victories are worthy of the national news, but our everyday smaller victories are just as huge for our gifted winsfamilies. We come in different shapes and sizes but what binds us all together is our giftedness. Gifted Wins is the place to hope, laugh, inspire, and gain perspective about our gifted/2E community. 

Want to learn more? Take a look at some of our recent submissions!





Do you have a gifted story to share? Submit your stories here. From one short sentence to 100 words only. Only stories submitted with a completed release form will be considered. Thank you. We would love to hear from you!

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