From School to GHFO to Success as a Scientist

ella gifted winsby Erin Sheldon

The GHFO classes have helped my shy, quirky, 2e girl bloom. She experienced her first success as a student in Ms. Madeline’s Biosphere class. She began really honing her interest in a variety of biology concepts in half a dozen GHFO classes. Here she is spending her March break in a research lab studying zebrafish development. She is so calm and confident and proud of herself. She said, “THIS is when I stopped feeling like I want to be a scientist one day. This is when I knew I AM a scientist.”

I can’t believe that the shattered seven-year-old who had been crushed by school is now the poised girl tracking data on growing zebrafish embryos. I am overflowing with gratitude for how this organization has given my girl a home and
ella gifted winsella gifted winshelped her discover herself. She attends our neighbourhood school about 10 hours per week. She was the only child in her school to compete in the regional science fair. (Again.) She beat out all the private school kids and magnet school kids. Took home first prize in her division. Won Best of Fair in Biology. Won the City’s award for best environmental project. She could not be more proud. As a homeschooling mom, I just couldn’t provide the instruction she needed to truly develop her passions. GHFO filled that gap. THANK YOU!!!

Ms. Madeline adds: “She has completed this particular project on zebrafish, and I’ve seen her science fair presentation. Forget science fair project . . . this research belongs in a scientific journal or conference presentation! When I first met her, she was very shy and didn’t speak up much in class. She would only give her final presentations as video recordings, not live presentations. Since then, I have seen her grow more confident in speaking up in class, and start leading small group projects; she gives her presentations live, and speaks clearly and knowledgeably about whatever topic she has picked. I’ve worked with her for a little over two years, and I’m incredibly proud of her and how much she’s grown!”
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