Submit Your “Gifted Win” Stories

GHF wants to share your “Gifted Win” stories!

“Gifted Win” stories can be anything you and your family believe to be a WIN for your gifted child. We will share these on our blog and in our quarterly newsletters to bring hope and laughter to the gifted/2e community.

What's Your StoryWhat are your parenting “AHA” moments?

Did your child finally take an IQ test, validating what you already suspected?

Who helped your child through difficult times? Was it someone you never expected?

Where did your child finally fit in? Did someone or some group go out of their way to make your child comfortable?

What accomplishment made your child feel proud or confident?

How is your child contributing to your local community?

We want to be inspired by you. We look forward to the variety of ways “Gifted Wins” every day.*

Please send your stories and photos. One short sentence to 100 words only. Only stories submitted with a completed release form will be considered. Thank you.

*GHF has the right to decide whether or not to publish your story. Please remember to complete the release form.

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