Into the Fall with GHF Ambassadors

Love TEDx talks? Check out Gwyn Ridenhour!

After presenting at TEDx this Summer, Gwyn has been busy working on her new workshop series, Shaping a Creative Education: Home and Hybrid Learning for the 21st Century.

Want to know more about micro-schools? Here’s Jade Rivera!

Jade RiveraJade Rivera is busy advocating for gifted and twice-exceptional children in the Bay Area. In addition to working individually with children and coaching families, she teaches chemistry and science arts for the Vista Oaks Homeschool Charter. She serves on the advisory board for Big Minds Unschool in Pinole, California, a micro-school for twice-exceptional children. Jade is also finishing up edits for her her first book for GHF Press on micro-schools.


Interested in GHF Outreach? Jen Merrill’s been busy!

Jen MerrillJen attended the SENG conference in Denver in July, working the booth and talking to attendees. Those who stopped by were very glad to have found the GHF booth and were a pleasure to talk to.

In September, Jen spoke at Elmhurst College to the students in the Exceptionalities in Education class. The topic for the evening was “working with parents.” She shared with them what parents need for their kids. She looks forward speaking on  this topic again in the spring.

Jen is also busy over at Laughing Chaos and recently reviewed Pamela Price’s new book, Gifted, Bullied, Resilient: A Brief Guide for Smart Families.

Interested in Virtual Classrooms? Read more from Pamela Price!

Pamela PriceAs a GHF Ambassador, Pamela has been working on a collaboration between GHF and KLRN on the KLRN Virtual Classroom Project funded by the Knight Foundation. GHF is pleased to have collaborated with KLRN on the
KLRN Virtual Classroom Project funded by the Knight Foundation this summer and early fall. As of this October, we’re waiting to hear if funding for the pilot phase will continue. Many thanks to the families from across the country who participated with us in the online classes. We hope to have good news to report to you via the GHF Facebook page soon.

Pamela Price is a retired GHF board member, gifted advocate, parenting coach, and writer. She lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband and young son. For several years prior to becoming a journalist, Pamela worked as an academic and career advisor at The University of Texas at Austin where she was recognized by the National Academic Advising Association and the American College Personnel Association for excellence in service to the higher education community. She is the author of two books for GHF Press: How to Work and Homeschool and Gifted, Bullied, Resilient.

Interested in homeschool help? Ask Stephanie Hood!

Stephanie HoodStephanie hosts several parties every year from introduction to homeschool to an Affidavit-Filing party. Besides these information-packed events, she is teaching full-time at Peach Blossom School.



Interested in College Applications? Wes Beach takes on the challenge!

Wes BeachWes’ thoughts of the moment are about the increasing difficulty of reporting nontraditional education to colleges and other institutions. He is working on the school’s portion of an application for National Merit Scholarships. It has to be submitted online, and this creates restraints that make it impossible to adequately describe the education of one of his most able and accomplished students. The transcript he wrote for her, which supported her successful application to 21 colleges and universities, shows five years of high-level work, much of it at the college level. The National Merit online form only allows for four years. He is required to report his school’s curriculum, which doesn’t exist as a fixed set of courses; students’ learning experiences differ. He needs to explain this and other things in a school profile, and there is a space for comments, but it’s limited to 359 characters, not nearly enough space. And so on. Another aspect of increasing standardization. Forms like this are like newspaper advice columns: a situation is described in far too little detail, and a short, possibly way-off-the-target solution including unwarranted assumptions is provided.

GHF Ambassador


To learn more about GHF’s Ambassadors, check out our Ambassador page.

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