Keeping Up with GHF Ambassadors

GHF AmbassadorGHF Ambassadors are current and active leaders in their diverse fields of expertise advocating for educational choices for and increasing awareness of issues affecting gifted and 2e families. No doubt you already know some of our GHF Ambassadors, but do you know what projects they are working on?


Wes BeachWes Beach

If you have a high schooler, Wes will be of interest to you!

Wes has just finished his second GHF Press book, Self-Directed Learning: Documentation and Life Stories, which will be published in the spring of 2015.

Wes is the founder of Beach High School. His program allows high schoolers to pursue their passions and provides these accomplished young people with a diploma and transcripts in order to apply to colleges and universities.


Gwyn Ridenhour, STEAMGwyn Ridenhour

If your kids love STEAM subjects and you like reading blogs or watching videos, check out Gwyn!

Gwyn is the founder of STEAM-Powered Classroom. She blogs, vlogs, and gives workshops to inspire and empower homeschoolers (especially those with gifted kids). She is currently writing a book and developing a workshop curriculum to train new homeschoolers. Her oldest child will graduate from high school this year and her family is starting a business that supports indie bookstores.


Jade RiveraJade Rivera

If your kid or family needs coaching, go no further! Jade is our in-house expert.

Jade will be speaking next at CAG’s (California Association for the Gifted) annual conference in Palm Springs on the six types of Giftedness on Sunday (March 1, 2015) from 10:45 to 11:45 in the Renaissance room.

Jade provides support and consultation for families and educators of significantly gifted children. Through family coaching, she helps families integrate giftedness into their lives, helping with homeschool or traditional school options, tackling communication strategies. Through educational coaching, she supports gifted children as they develop a passion project, work through math and writing anxieties, and develop social skills. She mentors gifted girls as they discover their sense of who they are and how they want to contribute to their world. She is currently writing a book for GHF press entitled Micro-schools for Gifted Children. She helps out at Big Minds Unschool and is available for speaking and workshops.


J. Marlow SchmauderMarlow Schmauder

Do you love our GHF brochures? Then keep up to date with Marlow!

Follow Marlow on the Asynchronous Scholars’ Facebook page.

Marlow  is the founder and executive director of the Asynchronous Scholars’ Fund, a California-based startup nonprofit that aims to support the creativity, persistence, and intellectual well-being of gifted, asynchronous children in need by providing aid for identification, in-depth learning, and more. She has authored or collaborated on all of GHF’s informational and outreach brochures. She continues to blog and ramp up her advocacy for gifted homeschoolers (and gifted kids in general) on Twitter and Facebook.


Stephanie HoodStephanie Hood

Do you have a high school student who wants to go straight to college? Then contact Stephanie!

See what classes Stephanie is teaching this upcoming semester.

Stephanie continues to teach at Live Oak Academy in Santa Clara, a support school for private homeschoolers. This year, she had the pleasure of seeing two former students whose families she counseled during homeschooling, graduate from UC Berkeley. Both girls are still in their teens. As Director of Peach Blossom School PSP, she helps gifted young students bypass much of high school, take the CHSPE, and begin their college careers early. You can email her at


Rebecca McMillanRebecca McMillan

Interested in neuroscience, psychology, creativity and education? Follow Rebecca!

Rebecca is currently collaborating on several writing projects exploring the science of success and how we understand and measure creativity.

Rebecca has worked with gifted children in a variety of contexts for more than 20 years.  In addition to homeschooling her own profoundly gifted sons, she has taught gifted students a wide range of subjects including Literature, History of Science, Critical Thinking and Zome-based Geometry.  She founded GHF Online and served as Director of the program, serves as Senior Editor at The Creativity Post, and is founder and director of The Brain Café, a Facebook group for those interested in exchanging information on neuroscience, psychology, creativity and education. She now has more than 13,000 members including researchers, educators, therapists, bloggers, science journalists and many parents of gifted and creative kids. She recently presented at the National Association for Gifted Children on Making Time to Dream: How Unstructured Time Promotes Creativity and Personal Growth, which highlighted the value of unstructured time, reflection, and daydreaming to enhance creativity, imagination, self-knowledge, social understanding, self-regulation, and personal goals. You can find her blog, Sui Generis, at The Creativity Post. She is also on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.


JenJen Merrill

If you are looking for wit and humor, we have Jen!

Jen authored If This is a Gift, Can I Send It Back?: Surviving in the Land of the Gifted and Twice-Exceptional. Her second book, on the needs of parents as they raise gifted kids, will be released as soon as she finishes writing it; her sons have figured out how to get out from under the duct tape.

Jen Merrill is a northern Illinois-based writer and blogger. While dreaming of a lengthy vacation with umbrella drinks and nightly turn-down service, you can find where wildly different is perfectly normal at Laughing at Chaos. Jen is also on the board of the Chicago Gifted Community Center and a trained SENG parent group facilitator. She was recently interviewed on the Radio Health Journal where she provided the parent perspective of twice-exceptional kids and shared the misconception that parents are bragging about their kids when talking to others. She was pleased with how the radio show came out. She still doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up, but as a multipotentialite, she has her choice of options.


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