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Jade RiveraWhere does a parent of a gifted or twice-exceptional child turn when they aren’t receiving the educational services they deserve? Homeschooling won’t work for every family. Full time, private schools often only pick up where public school left off and remain financially out of reach for most families.  It’s time to find a micro-school.

Jade Rivera, GHF Press author of Micro-Schools: Creating Personalized Learning on a Budget and founder of the Build Your Own Micro-School Institute has created a support network of micro-schools for gifted and twice-exceptional children. GHF saw a need to connect the founders of these amazing programs with the hope of increasing connections with the families that need them.build your micro-school

Are you a founder of a micro-school serving g/2e children? On the board of directors for a micro-school, or just trying to get the ball rolling in your community? Join our Facebook group today to find others like you who value truly personalized learning and are on a mission to create inclusive and innovative learning environments. In our group we’ll be swapping stories and offering support as you navigate the tricky terrain of increasing equity in education. Micro-schools are a growing trend; finding a community to learn with and experienced micro-schoolers like Jade can provide you with the support you’ll need on your journey.



From Jade’s bookmicro-schools

“Gifted and twice-exceptional students often struggle to fit in traditional classrooms, and homeschooling isn’t always an option. Enter Micro-Schools: an educational option bridging the gap. Micro-schools offer personalized learning in a school setting led by instructors who understand the nuances and needs of gifted and 2e kids. Starting your own micro-school may seem daunting, but a successful micro-school doesn’t require a huge budget or the latest “everything.” Instead, it requires a passionate individual at the helm. One like Jade Rivera, author of “Micro-Schools: Creating Personalized Learning on a Budget.” In her latest book, Jade shares her successes and challenges working in and starting micro-schools. She discusses how to organize your school, hire the best instructors, work with parents, create an open and accepting environment, and so much more. After reading Jade’s book, you’ll be inspired to get your own micro-school up and running, ready to serve the gifted and 2e students in your community.”


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