We are looking for a new GHF Events Coordinator! 

Are you an outgoing person who loves working with a creative, dedicated team? Are you looking for a way to channel your enthusiasm and organizational skills to serving the gifted/2e community? Then you might just be the ideal volunteer for GHF’s Events Coordinator position!

Work virtually with the GHF Executive Committee and Staff to organize events that support GHF’s mission of education, outreach, and advocacy. Hours are flexible and variable, and adapt quite nicely to a homeschool parent’s schedule. Includes opportunities to travel and attend conferences and events. GHF is an ALL-VOLUNTEER organization!

GHF Events Coordinator Job Description
Events Coordinator

1) Coordinate GHF events

  • Work with the GHF Executive Director and GHF Outreach Manager to identify appropriate events and level of participation
  • Research details and costs for event participation
  • Communicate with Exhibit, Sponsorship, and Advertising Coordinators of organizations holding events, to arrange event participation, completing registration and contracts as appropriate and in coordination with others at GHF
  • Build and manage teams of volunteers (GHF staff, board members, authors, speakers) to staff GHF’s vendor table, where in-person participation is desired
  • Distribute instructions for volunteers staffing in-person events, updating these instructions as appropriate
  • Coordinate with the GHF Financial Manager on procedures for book sales at conferences, communicating these to volunteers
  • Work with the GHF Executive Director to develop and distribute talking points for outreach volunteers
  • Work closely with GHF Materials Coordinator on inventory of vendor table materials, maintaining adequate ready-to-ship stock
  • Coordinate with the GHF Executive Director, GHF Creative Director, GHF Editor in Chief, and GHF Materials Coordinator, who work as a team to design and distribute appropriate outreach materials

2) Communicate with the GHF Executive Director and other staff on a regular basis via phone/email/Facebook about changes and updates

Let us know you’re interested at info@giftedhomeschoolers.org.

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