GHF Brochures: Now Available in Spanish!

GHF español Folleto GHF: Gifted Homeschoolers Forum is thrilled to announce our free GHF printable brochures are now available in Spanish! At GHF, we are committed to reaching out to the Spanish-speaking gifted and twice-exceptional (2e) community, and to those who work with this underserved population. We recognize that access to this information in Spanish will help these families learn about and receive the gifted/2e services and support they deserve. (Lea la versión en español aquí.)

While we plan to translate all our free brochures, we started with the following three:GHF español Folleto

To find the latest translations, check out our dedicated page: GHF español Folleto.

Whether you teach, counsel, or work in some other capacity with Spanish-speaking families, this information will help you better understand and assist the unique issues and challenges that come with being gifted/2e. Please feel free to share these free brochures with anyone you believe may benefit. For more information about Gifted Cubed communities, check out the Gifted Cubed: Race & Culture page on our website, or on Pinterest.

This project is possible due to the work of the GHF publishing team and group of dedicated bilingual parent volunteers. We welcome inquiries from native speakers about volunteering to translate our brochures into other languages.

Look for future announcements as our team continues to make more information available in Spanish. If you have any questions about this project or gifted/2e needs in the Spanish-speaking community, please contact us at

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