GHF Online Spring 2015 Semester

GHF Online meme logo2GHF Online is pleased to announce our new 2015 Spring Semester. We design our courses to cater to the needs of gifted and twice exceptional students. Courses are flexible and interactive to engage both the eager, self-motivated learners and the reluctant ones. Our knowledgeable teachers excel at reaching students where they are.

This coming semester offers a variety of courses to meet the needs of our students:

STEM Classes
Aristotle Leads the Way (the second part of a two-semester course)

Fundamentals of Chemistry
Advanced Computer Science: Beginner Programmers and Experienced Programmers Welcome!
Build,  Make, Create, and Publish a Web Page: Taking Web Design to the Next Level
Online Math Studio

Language Classes
Intro to Latin

Intermediate Latin
Parts to Whole: A Different Kind of Latin Class

History Classes
History of Rock and Roll

Exploring History Through Pirates
The Environment in U.S. History

Humanities Classes
Whose Line is it Anyway?:
Improv Online
Intro to American Comic Books
Introduction to Film-making: It all Starts with a Story
Create a Town Through Creative Writing
Relating through Creating: A Parent-Child Art Class (Our first parent/child class!)

The Spring 2015 semester promises to be an enriching and fantastic experience!

*All classes are $245.00 for non-GHF members. GHF members receive a $30.00 discount on their first course.

**All enrollees receive $10 off additional courses.

***Courses meet once a week online. Times can be found following this link. All have a further online presence with our Moodle board support. Most classes give students the option of doing group projects.

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