Community Building: GHF Outreach Manager Wanted!

Are you excited about community building and looking for a way to make a difference? GHF needs your help! GHF is an ALL-VOLUNTEER organization!

1. Manage GHF RegioOutreach Managernal Contacts

  • Network with Regional Contacts all over the world via email and our private Facebook group
  • Communicate about events, issues, duties
  • Support regional contacts in assisting community members, sharing resources
  • Help build our regional contacts network!
  • Serve as liaison between the regional contact network and other GHF staff; coordinate communication, events, and materials as needed
  • Encourage regional contacts to write updates for the GHF blog
    • What is the local gifted/homeschool culture like in their region?
    • How are they active in their community?
    • How can GHF support or assist with local events or resources?

2. Communicate with director and other staff on a regular basis via phone/email/Facebook about changes and update

Let us know you’re interested at

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