Learning Conversations Discount for GHF Supporting Members!

Mr. Gelston (1)

Mr. Gelston is happy to announce the addition of Learning Conversations—one-to-one meta-learning coaching for tweens and teens.

Through Learning Conversations with Claudia, young people discover how to direct their own learning and practice the skills needed to thrive as self-directed, interconnected learners. Parents explore how to create the dynamics of mutual trust that support collaborative, co-inspiring relationships with teens and tweens.Claudia creates a supportive dynamic that encourages trust, reflection, critical thinking, intrinsic motivation, and a deeper sense of confidence and well-being.

Claudia (right), with her daughter Zoe

Claudia (right), with her daughter Zoe

Supporting Members of GHF receive a $35 discount off the initial payment. 

Claudia brings a depth of experience in the Growing Without Schooling, homeschooling, and gifted communities. She has worked extensively with young people with learning differences, gifted and independent learners, highly sensitive children, and tweens and young adults who don’t fit in mainstream educational boxes.

For more information, please visit the Learning Conversations page on Mr. Gelston.com.


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