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Support GHF!What is your favorite thing about GHF? The articles? The support group? The online classes? How about the books? Or the Facebook page? Don’t forget the free brochures. And what about the professionals page? What keeps bringing you back to GHF?

Now that you’ve thought of the one, two, or several things that makes GHF a vital part of your life, can you imagine if it didn’t exist? What if, say, tomorrow at noon, we had to pull the plug, and it all ended?

What a nightmare!

GHF is a non-profit organization run by many dedicated volunteers, who freely give hours upon hours—sometimes in the middle of the night, when their own kids are in bed—to keep GHF growing and relevant. But even with all that free labor, we still need your financial support. Websites, outreach efforts, printing, and all of that costs money. We rely on our supporting members and on donations to keep everything up and running.

If you’re not already a supporting member, but you use our services, please consider joining. Annual membership is only $24, and it comes with a growing host of benefits. We have institutional memberships, too.

If you are a supporting member, thank you! You already appreciate the value that GHF adds to your life and to the gifted and homeschool communities. Please consider a one-time or recurring donation on top of your annual membership.

Maybe you own or know of a business that would like to reach out to the gifted and alternative education communities. We can help make that happen! For more information on our advertising options and rates, please contact our Advertising Coordinator.

We at GHF love what we do, because we believe we are fulfilling a deep-seated need in our community. But we can’t continue to maintain our current level of outreach and support for free. Please join and/or donate to GHF today!

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