Have You Seen GHF’s Amazon Store?

AstoreIf your children are like mine—and this is my gifted community, so I know they are—they read like their lives depend on it. The librarians know you by name, or at least by face. Occasionally, your child finds a book that is just too difficult to return. He reads it daily, reluctantly returns it after the check-out limit expires, and then checks it out again at the next available opportunity. Time to own that book!

When that time comes, please consider making your purchase through the GHF Amazon Store.

The GHF Amazon Store is stocked with books, games, and materials recommended by professionals, teachers, and parents. You’ll find books from GHF Press and others, addressing parenting and 2e challenges. Check out our Homeschooling by Topic section, filled with fantastic resources for subjects such as history and science, math and mythology.

Interested in Fiction for Children and Teens? Check out the GHF Amazon Store’s excellent section which includes bestselling authors, such as Rick Riordan, Lois Lowry, Katherine Paterson. We also boast an extensive Graphic Novels section, with titles covering  fiction, history, mythology, and other subject areas.

Is your child enrolled in a GHF Online course? Go to our GHFO Instructor Recommendations section to purchase the books that she needs or enjoyed from the class.

Start your online shopping at the GHF Amazon Store.

Do you want to support GHF at no cost to you? Shop the GHF Amazon Store .

Maybe you can’t find the product you want in the GHF Amazon Store? Shop the Amazon site using this affiliate link.

Perhaps you have a recommendation of your own? Share your knowledge! Email me with book, toy, or other material suggestion to add to the store.

Our GHF Amazon Store offers a comprehensive choice of materials that will benefit your family. We know that you have many choices when it comes to purchasing products and supporting quality organizations. We at GHF appreciate your support!

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