GHF Meet & Greet: We Loved Meeting You!

Thank YouTo say we were overwhelmed by the love and support we felt at the GHF Meet & Greet event at the SENG Conference would be an understatement. The turnout was far greater than we’d hoped. The personal connections were deeper than we’d expected. And the affirmation of our mission was awe-inspiring.

We are grateful to all who stopped by on Saturday night, as well as to everyone who took a moment from their busy conference experience to visit with us at our vendor table.

If you made a video clip or took photos during the GHF Meet & Greet, please feel free to send them to Carissa Leventis-Cox at by July 27, either via email or a file sharing service, such as DropBox or Google Drive.

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Now that you have experienced just a bit of the camaraderie and kind of support GHF offers, please consider becoming a supporting member. If you’re already
a supporting member, please consider making a


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donation of either money or time to help GHF continue its many outreach, education, and support services.


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And while we’re speaking of supporting GHF, we would like to once again thank Mona Chicks, Jade Rivera and Madeline Goodwin for their tireless efforts organizing this year’s GHF Meet & Greet. We also want to recognize the support of our sponsors, without which we would not have had the room, the food, the prizes, the decorations, or anything else that made the event such a success.

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Connecting with the many wonderful volunteers and members of GHF didn’t end with the GHF Meet & Greet. You can find us
online, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, tumblr, and Yahoo Groups. We look forward to your joining our community.

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