Community Call: Holiday Stress and The Gifted Family‏

Holiday stress and the gifted family.As the holidays approach, many gifted and twice-exceptional families find themselves dreading having to manage the images and expectations of the season versus the reality of this challenging time of year. GHF understands. As part of our mission to help your family navigate life’s challenges, we are excited to announce Jade’s Community Call. Join Jade Rivera as she discusses the successful strategies she’s developed during the past eight years of working with gifted and twice-exceptional families to work through the challenges and make the holiday reality easier on everyone. [cryout-button-color url=”” color=”#47AFFF”]Sign up today[/cryout-button-color]

Are you starting to feel the holiday creep? Are you dreading the family gatherings that come with this season? The minefield of well-intentioned folks who don’t understand your kids’ needs (or yours)?

The holidays are coming and so are the sugary foods with artificial dyes, the in-laws who don’t understand your gifted child, and the expectations that everything look and feel just perfect.

Let’s get ahead of all this stress so we can actually enjoy our holidays, shall we? With some preventive planning and a few tools, you can learn to identify and anticipate potential sources of holiday stress, and learn how to use empathy to de-escalate when holiday stress becomes too much.

Join Jade Rivera, GHF Ambassador and gifted family coach, to discuss the successful strategies she’s developed in her eight years of working with families like yours.

The Community Call takes place on November 21th from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. PST.  

The cost is:
$20.00 dollars for non-GHF Members

$15.00 dollars for GHF Members

To sign up, go to

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