From the Board: Bullying and the Gifted Child

Pamela Head ShotGiftedness.

It’s a word that I stumbled over for three decades, largely because my own asynchronous development got me kicked out of a gifted program. (I was invited back later, but declined.)

Because gifted children and teens were underserved back then, I never learned that the existential angst and anxiety, the language, and the emotional and motor overexcitabilities that are part of my very being were indicative of my giftedness.

Like many grown-ups, we come to terms with the word “gifted” when we become parents. Our children are identified as such and, in the process of reading up on the topic, we have a-ha! moments that bring us into a spiral of equilibrium and disequilibrium as we try to nurture ourselves properly while raising our kids.

One of the things that I love about Gifted Homeschoolers Forum is that we’re as open to that journey for ourselves as we are for our kids. Yes, the kids and the homeschooling come first, but it’s the companionship and understanding that we come to share with others through GHF that helps us adults feel a little less lost, a little more sane. We become better, stronger, wiser parents because of it all.

Right now I’m in the process of researching my second book for GHF Press. The topic is the impact of bullying and relational aggression upon gifted/2E kids and their families. Having experienced relational aggression because of my giftedness (in hindsight, I see that clearly now, mostly, because I have the proper words), I’m interested in collecting stories and anecdotes that help not only to describe the encounters our children have, but also the lingering wounds parents carry from past transgressions.

I invite you to share your stories with me via my website, You can use the online poll (see the sidebar graphic “Bulling & Gifted/2E Kids”) or just contact me directly through the site with your stories. And, yes, you may choose to remain completely anonymous. We at GHF and GHF Press take the idea of protecting people’s privacy very seriously.

My hope is that in sharing our stories about the bullying of gifted kids, we begin to ease the pain and move toward educating others and ourselves, while identifying and implementing strategies that help minimize emotional and physical grief that can stem from bullying and relational aggression.

Will you join me in this important work?

Pamela Price
GHF Board Member
Author, How to Work and Homeschool: Practical Advice, Tips, and Strategies from Parents (GHF Press, 2013)

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