Announcing GHFO Summer & Fall Classes


GHF Online: Providing engaging online courses tailored to the needs of gifted and twice-exceptional students of all ages.

Guess what? It’s time to announce our Summer and Fall classes! We’re really excited about our offerings; our instructors have worked hard to design new classes, revamp old ones, and bring back favorites from last year. Learn more about GHF Online – our philosophy, how our classes work, what others have said about us, and see some of the results of our kids’ work. We even have a YouTube channel.

Check out the classes now and be ready because they always fill up quickly.  Pick your favorites, and get ready to enroll. Registration opens next week!

Click for Summer 2017 classes

and for Fall 2017 classes.


  • Intro to Latin
  • Intro to Botany
  • Latin Story Creation Camp
  • Coding and How It Works
  • Special Topics in Math
  • Speculative Lit: Fantasy
  • Latin for Younger Learners
  • Harry Potter Universe
  • Think Like a Scientist
  • Building Blocks of Art


  • Latin for Younger Learners
  • Latin II
  • Intro to Latin
  • Latin III
  • Latin IV
  • Fundamentals of Plant Science
  • Aristotle Leads the Way
  • Newton at the Center
  • Einstein Adds a New Dimension
  • Historical Geology
  • Advanced Computer Science Concepts
  • US Government and the Policy Process
  • Intro to Chemistry
  • Chemistry II
  • Intro to Planet Earth
  • Ecosystems of the World
  • Minecraft Math (Beginning)
  • Minecraft Math (Advanced)
  • Minecraft Shakespeare
  • Create Your Own Comic Book
  • Mathematical Explorations
  • Beyond Percy Jackson: Greek Mythology
  • Speculative Lit: Science Fiction


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