Earth Sciences with GHF Online!

It is said that kids are born scientists, always asking questions, forming hypotheses, and performing experiments. Does this sound like your child? If so, check out these exciting GHF Online classes!

earth scienceKids aged 7-10 will enjoy Meet the Biosphere with Madeline Goodwin, a fun and challenging biology class that will investigate everything from DNA and cell biology to communities and ecosystem ecology. We’ll learn what powers the cell, the basics of taxonomy, and how the power of evolution shapes ecological communities. At the end of the class, kids will research and present their findings on how concepts we discuss relate to human beings.

earth science


If your child is nine or older and loves hands-on activities and real-world science, check out Citizen Science Adventures, the newest class offering! We will collect data for real life science projects and learn about the concepts behind the research. Over the course of the term, we’ll participate in four citizen science project as a class, and students will get to choose one to work on throughout the term on their own!


plantsBudding scientists ages 10 and up will enjoy Anastasia Risley’s Fundamentals of Plant Science, where students will be encouraged to take a walk in the park! Projects will call for students to engage with their local vegetative world and finding various classifications of plants for reference and identification. We will also reference the ample blooms of Spring in Portland, Oregon, via virtual field trips. This highly interactive course will explore botany from its “roots” in human history to our present-day relationships with plants. We will look into how plants are studied and managed in the field as well as botanical wonders of the world.

Still looking for more options? Check out these classes and more! We’re super excited for this spring. We look forward to seeing you then!

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