Calling budding environmental scientists!

Got a science & nature geek in your house? A child obsessed with volcanoes, fascinated by lemurs, or busy hugging trees? Check out our environmental science classes with instructor Madeline Goodwin!

environmental sciencesIn Intro to Planet Earth, we’ll be diving into the science of our planet’s non-living features: air, water, and rock. Perfect for the budding young scientist, featuring projects such as Oreo plate tectonics and greenhouse gas effect models, this class is designed for students 7-11 years old, and works for all levels of background knowledge. Last year, students had so much fun, they didn’t want class to end! Here are some of their final projects – pretty amazing, aren’t they? – and here’s more about the class and one parent’s review of it.   (In the Spring we’ll offer the next class in the series, Meet the Biosphere, which was another big hit last year!)environmental scientists


New this year, Ecosystems of the World will be looking at climates, plants, animals, and soils, going in-depth on all the natural features of our planet. Projects include weather diaries and botany journals,  interspersed with research stories from around the world.  This class is for the more advanced student who has a background equivalent to both Intro to Planet Earth and Meet the Biosphere.


environmental sciencesNot sure which one to choose? Have your child take the placement quiz! Ms Madeline will recommend the appropriate class for your student. Or, email her!

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