Alert Aspiring Artists: Fun awaits in Face and Figure Drawing!

Does your child love art? Would your student like to grow in his/her artistic skills? This ChildDrawingsemester, GHF is offering an interactive, engaging Face and Figure Drawing class. In this class, we will be exploring how to draw the body from head to toe. We will spend time learning how to render facial features such as expressive eyes and fun hairstyles. We will also learn how to draw full body figures, including accurate proportions and sketching body parts such as hands and feet. As well, we will explore how to express motion and simple clothing through our drawings.

All it takes is a pencil, eraser, and sketchbook, and your child will have the opportunity to grow as an artist!

Lisa Lauffer teaches this class. She has taught a number of art classes for GHF over the past couple of years. Her classes are highly interactive, focusing as much time as possible on practical application of concepts. Students create together and share artwork during each class, giving each other positive feedback and kind suggestions for improving their skills. We hope your student joins us for this adventure in drawing the human form!

Sign up for this class and more! The semester begins on August 29, and many of our classes have already filled up!

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