Fall 2015 Online Art Show Highlights

What do you get when you teach gifted kids about the great artists and their techniques?
You get gifted kids who become great artists!

This past autumn, I taught the GHFO class Painting Like the Greats. I had six fabulous students in my class, and together we learned about masters ranging from Da Vinci to M.C. Escher. We explored the Renaissance, the Baroque period, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, and Cubism. Each session we covered one artist, discussing his life including his giftedness (if applicable), viewing his art, and experimenting with a technique he contributed to the art world.

Over the semester, the students created a number of art pieces that they shared with friends and family through an online art show. The students had beautiful artwork to share. Here’s a quick video synopsis of the art show:

During our first class session, I told these students that art began with cave dweller paintings and continues through today. The great art masters we study now had no idea that their work and influence would endure for centuries, but here we are discussing their work and techniques. I told my students that, just as the masters did, they have unique artistic voices the world needs to see and hear. I encouraged them to create from their hearts. Over the course of the semester, as these students studied and emulated the masters’ techniques, they further developed their own artistic voices and styles.

Who knows? Maybe someday you will hear their names alongside the likes of Michelangelo, Monet, or Van Gogh!


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