Spring Art Show: iPad Art!

ipad artWe at GHF Online believe that gifted young people need and deserve to develop and express their artistic voices. For the Spring 2017 semester, we offered an art course called iPad Art, where we explored digital art through apps such as Paper by 53, ArtRage, Juxtaposer, Font Candy, Silk, and a suite of apps by Brain Fever Media. Students used these apps to draw, paint, and create digital collages. Not only did they advance in their artistic abilities, they created a fun, supportive community of friends.


But as art is meant to be shared and experienced, students didn’t stop at creating art, they also participated in an end-of-the-semester art show. Take a moment to check out the creativity and ability expressed in their video:

GHF Online offers art classes every semester, and welcomes gifted students of all abilities. Our next two learning opportunities are Building Blocks of Art this summer and Create Your Own Comic Book or Graphic Novel in the fall. You can learn more and register by clicking on the links or going to http://giftedhomeschoolers.org/ghf-online/.

 ~ Lisa Baba Lauffer
GHFO Art Instructor


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