Learning About Fire Ecology

fire ecologyThe peak of summer! Time to embrace hot days, cold water, and peaceful nights.

But if you live somewhere forested and dry, summer may translate to “fire season” for you. With many burn bans in effect, s’mores over a campfire have become a reminder of summers past. The recent fires that have destroyed homes and livelihoods in Napa Valley and Redding, Greece, and other locations around the world pushed aside thoughts of campfires, replaced with explanations of “fire restrictions” to kids wanting to experience a traditional summer activity.

Coverage of the increasing incidence and severity of wildfires across the globe may pique your child’s interest or heighten their anxiety. Combine that with reports of rising global temperatures, changing precipitation and wind patterns, and questioning about current fire management practices, and your gifted child may feel overwhelmed.

What kids need are facts and actionable information. GHF Online’s Fire Ecology is the perfect class for curious kids wanting to learn more about the causes and effects of fire.

If your child has ever asked you about ashes drifting down from the sky, a bright orange smoke-filmed sun, or Smokey Bear, learning about Fire Ecology will engage their curiosity. Maybe your child wants to learn how fire actually works beyond safely lighting matches with a parent? Fire Ecology will cover the physics of fire, the detriment it can cause, and how it can be managed, helping your child develop a reasonable relationship with this powerful, yet useful, force.

fire ecology

As the term “fire season” takes on deeper meaning each summer, education about fire’s natural role influences human life has become paramount. Fire Ecology will prepare your child for current events and future wildfire events with discussions about fire physics, safety, and the effects and management of real wildfires.

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