Minecraft based classes!

Does your child love Minecraft? GHF offers  Minecraft classes in math and creative writing. Minecraft is also used for supplementary activities with the Pirates, minecraft classesPolitics and Poets class. Sign up for any of these three classes to have access to a private server, too.  The server is a safe multiplayer place for students to play, work on homework assignments, or show off their building skills. There are survival areas, creative areas, pixel art areas, and more.

In Minecraft Creative Writing students will use Minecraft books, signs, and the scripts for their Non-Play-Characters to guide one another through adventure maps. The class will also look at literary techniques and how they can be applied to writing, both in and out of Minecraft.

minecraft classesIn Minecraft Math, multiplication and coordinate skills will be put to use while practicing Minecraft commands such as ‘/fill’ and ‘/clone’.  The class will also look at how mathematics might develop a bit differently in a world without curves. Students will be introduced to binary and trinary number systems. In Spring, students can sign up for Advanced Minecraft Math for the chance to explore algebra and graph theory!

If you’re looking for a  new approach at studying history, check out Pirates, Politics & Poets! Students will look at 16th – 18th century world history with a unique focus on piracy, politics and poets.  Topics will include the Tudor privateers, Barbary Corsairs, Japanese warlords, and those pirating East-India companies. Students will consider how historical figures struggled with the age-old question of when overthrow of the government is justified. Discussions of the different time periods will be illustrated by paintings and wood-sketches of the time. There will be some optional Minecraft activities for outside of normal class time.  This is definitely an opportunity for your child to learn about history using an engaging, interdisciplinary approach!minecraft classes

The instructor, Christy Knockleby, has been offering Minecraft Math and other classes for two years now, and she’s had great feedback from parents and students.  The Fall section of Minecraft Math is currently full, but if you sign up for the waitlist, we’ll let you know when we open a second section!


For more information and the full Fall 2016 schedule, click this link GHF Online classes

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