Student Art Show:  Create Your Own Comic Book or Graphic Novel (Fall 2017)

By Lisa Baba,comic book
GHFO art instructor

For the Fall 2017 semester, GHF Online offered Create Your Own Comic Book or Graphic Novel. In this class, we explored the various elements that compose comic books, delving into what makes a great character, both literarily and visually, pondering plot and the different kinds of conflicts that make stories interesting, and discussing setting and dialog. Toward the end of the semester, we covered how to put it all together in an artistic layout to draw in readers.

All along the way, students shared their progress with each other. They encouraged one another to create by giving positive, helpful feedback and exhibiting care for each other’s characters and stories.

For our final class session, we threw an art show for our families and friends! This video shows a portion of each student’s comic book:

Our next art class is Artful Animals. Look for Comic Books 2 in the summer! Comic Books 2 will be open to both former and new comic book students!

To learn more about GHF Online’s current listing of art and other classes, check out our Spring 2018 Class ScheduleClasses start Monday, January 22. Sign up now!

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