Summer Science Fun!

Learn about science from actual scientists! GHF Online classes encourage your child to engage with fellow students and real scientists, as they explore scientific ideas and topics. GHF Online offers a variety of programs specially designed for gifted and twice-exceptional kids. Our science programming follows your child’s interests and lets them delve as deeply as they want to go. Register for SUMMER classes now! See what’s on tap for FALL!

FUNdamental Physics physics
Suggested age range: 7-10

In this class, students will have fun learning to observe natural processes, to think like scientists, and to develop problem-solving skills to use in future math and physics courses. We’ll delve into questions such as:

  • Did you know that the universe may have as many as eleven dimensions? Was there a beginning to the universe? If energy cannot be created or destroyed, then where does your body’s energy come from?
  • What do we think we know that isn’t true? How can we find out where we’re mistaken, and learn what’s really true?
  • Did you know a discus does not take a circular path? What sort of path does it take, and why?

Wild Weather: Taking It To Extremesweather
Suggested age range: 9-12

Hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, droughts, floods: Summers seem to be full of wild weather. What causes these extreme events, and what effects do they have on the ecosystems and communities they impact? We will spend a week each on common summer weather extremes, looking at the science, environmental impacts, and human adaptations. At the end, students will give a short presentation on extreme weather patterns where they live.

Marine Mammals and Cephalopodsmelissa
Suggested age range: 9-12

Did you know whales and the elusive octopus are remarkably similar even though they are different marine species? In this class, aspiring marine biologists and animal lovers will explore the shared behavioral aspects of these dynamic ocean dwellers and the exciting implications of intelligence and variation. Students will then apply their learning to the concept of conservation and the ways they can directly impact ocean health.

Introduction to Botany botany
Suggested age range: 7-10

Are you just discovering the fascinating world of plants? Gain a basic knowledge of plant processes, relationships, and biology. We will take a hands-on approach to discovering what plants are all about through interaction with plants in our local environments. Additionally, we will be doing online research together regularly in order to build plant investigation skills. Outside of class time, projects will go both ways: I will send students plant observations, and students will apply knowledge from class to hands-on projects, such as watching plants breathe or take root. Class discussions will take place twice a week, allowing kids to make logical, scientific observations and connections about plants and their functions. This course can act as a precursor to Fundamentals of Plant Science, which goes into greater details of plant evolution, morphology, identification, and human-vegetation relationships.

Photographing Naturenature
Suggested age range: all ages

Are you interested in photography and the outdoors? Join us as we take and share photos of various subjects, from pets to flowers to landscapes. First, we will become acquainted with the possibilities of our individual cameras, whether they be Digital SLRs or on a cell phone. We will study important photography concepts such as composition, lighting, exposure, and content by examining beautiful photographs that coincide with each week’s subject. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to give and receive positive feedback from classmates on Gallery Days. Finally, students will compile a portfolio of their favorite photographs taken over the course, which they can then share and admire with family and friends. You don’t need to live in the forest or even near a park to take this course, Part of the creative journey will be finding artistic inspiration in your own surroundings.


Register for SUMMER classes now!

See what’s on tap for FALL!

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