Summer Science with GHF Online

Summer is the perfect time for learning about science. The weather begs for us to go outside and investigate the busy-ness of the season, whether we look to the sky, ponder plants, or dig deep into the earth.  Let your child explore nature and learn critical thinking skills with guidance and new friends in these popular GHF Online classes!

GHFO summer science Kids ages 9 to 13 will love Think Like a Scientist with Madeline Goodwin. Science seems like one cool discovery after another, but how were those discoveries made? How do scientists actually discover new things, and how do they help non-scientists understand? In this class, students will learn about the scientific method, utilize the process of inquiry, explore real-life scientific fields, practice sharing scientific information, and discover how we interact with science in our daily lives. In other words, they’ll learn how to think like scientists! This will also be great preparation for Fall GHF Online classes like Introduction to Planet Earth and Ecosystems of the World.

GHFO summer science Imagine looking at a budding flower or a majestic tree and understanding just what has created that beauty. In Introduction to Botany, Anastasia Risley will lead students, ages 7 to 13, through a hands-on journey to discovering what plants are all about through interactions with our local environments. Students will use online research, video field trips, and class discussion to make logical, scientific observations and connections about plants and their functions. With their new-found knowledge, students will be prepared for the follow-up GHF Online class, Fundamentals of Plant Science. Blend your natural curiosity with the bounty of summer, and discover the inner workings of plants!

GHFO summer scienceStill looking for more options? Check out these classes and more! Fill your summer with discovery and learning!

Summer session begins the week of June 26. Hurry before they all fill up!

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