Book Review: Boost: An Invaluable Road Map

boostIn Kelly Hirt‘s new educational must-have, Boost: 12 Effective Ways to Lift Up Our Twice-Exceptional Children, she encourages teachers to educate themselves about the often misunderstood population of students know as Twice Exceptional. As an educator for over 25 years and now a building principal, I can acknowledge that this population of learners is on the rise in our schools. Ms. Hirt, a gifted veteran educator and parent of a 2e child has written an invaluable road map for all school personnel to help support this group of students.

Ms. Hirt outlines 12 easy-to-read, effective strategies to improve communication and understanding, increase participation, and help educators know the best ways to accommodate and support Twice Exceptional students in the classroom. She addresses ways to help the whole family feel more supported. She tells us that we “must act so that creativity and diversity are encouraged.” These are practical tips and tricks from a teacher in the trenches. This is a must-read.


Tia Kleinkopf is Principal at Cascade Ridge Elementary in the Issaquah School District.


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