Explaining Gifted & Twice Exceptional to Others

brochuresIt can be so difficult to explain your child to others. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just hand over a written explanation?

Oh, wait! You can! Start the conversation simply with GHF’s free informational brochures. Our overviews get to the heart of what it really means to parent or educate a gifted or twice exceptional child. These FREE handouts are friendly and compassionate introductions, designed to facilitate discussion and suggest steps to take. Your child’s teachers, doctors, and other adults will appreciate how concise and easy we’ve made this otherwise nebulous path to identifying supporting the gifted kids in their lives.

Giftedness often comes with a set of preconceived notions that many, including medical professionals, teachers, administrators, coaches and neighbors who don’t specialize in this area, may hold. GHF’s FREE brochures dispel the myths while explaining complex attributes like intensity, asynchrony, and the various ways giftedness expresses itself, while providing concrete starting points for how to support gifted and 2e kids.

brochuresThe Healthcare Provider’s Guide to Gifted Children and The Educator’s Guide to Gifted Children cultivateunderstanding among the influential adults in the gifted child’s life. Twice ExceptionalSmart Kids with Learning Differences addresses the challenge of identifying and helping a child who is both gifted and diagnosed with another issue, such as a learning disability or a neurological difference, while Gifted Cubed delves into how things become exponentially complicated for these kids, especially in terms of identification, when race and culture are involved.  brochures

Who is GHF introduces GHF: Gifted Homeschoolers Forum’s philosophy of attending to the whole gifted child, advocating for alternative individualized education and the many forms that may take, brochuresand offering the most extensive support system and resource center of its kind on the internet.

Do you love what we do and want to know how you can get involved? Partner with GHF invites your organization to join our mission! Learn about our global non-profit enterprise, spanning six continents and reaching more than one million people per month. Discover how we can benefit each other while advocating for gifted and 2e children everywhere.brochures

GHF’s FREE brochures are ideal resources to hand out at IEP meetings, parent conferences and behavioral brochuresinterventions, or to have on hand at home, in your office, practice, school, or group. Print them yourself or use our online form to for orders of 10 or more FREE brochures today!

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  1. Marthie Stevens says:

    Can I please get a copy of the free brochures . Thanks
    Marthie stevens

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