GHF’s blog community nurtures bloggers, builds online audiences

By Pamela Price

Homeschooling a gifted/2e child can be challenging, but writing and blogging about that topic can also be fraught with peril.  In a sea of ever-expanding, competitive parenting blogs, new bloggers may find it difficult to establish an audience—especially if they focus on a niche topic.

On top of those concerns and the usual conundrums faced by bloggers who focus on special populations, such as, “How much should I share online about my child?” Both new and established bloggers need a place to share thoughts and ideas, a space to discuss resources, tips, and trends.

blogger blog parenting gifted homeschoolHoping to establish an active, supportive network of bloggers in sync with the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum mission, a group of us created a private Facebook group, international in scope, several months ago. Since that time, we’ve shared blog tips and our links to our respective blogs, all with an eye to creating blogs that better inform the wider public about what it’s like to homeschool gifted/2e kids.

The group “promotes a sense of community, not just for the bloggers, but also for readers,” said GHF president and founder Corin Barsily Goodwin.

“[The blog group] definitely has helped improve my traffic, and by that, I mean that more people who are in the same fairly unique (homeschooling 2e kids) situation have found me! I’m grateful for that and they are too. It’s a win-win!” said Ingi of Defying Gravity, an Australian blog.

Another blogger, “Cheri,” who writes at Gift of Home: “. . . I had exactly no, okay, one reader before I joined here. Now, I have a few hundred each time my post is shared. It is a little scary since this is my first time blogging, but as I looked to other parents and their experiences for ideas and support when I began, I thought it might be helpful (and only fair) to share my experience, too. I am not an expert, just a mom, but I guess there are a lot of other moms out there who are taking on the task of teaching their kids. Also, parenting a gifted child is so unique, it is nice to feel like I can come out of the closet a little and speak freely. I am also hoping that eventually I can find a connection in real life with some people in my local community.”

An advocacy mission is inherent to the group’s work, especially the popular periodic blog hops coordinated by the group and showcased on the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum website and Facebook page.

“In order to help educate the public on the unique characteristics and needs of our gifted children, and to effectively advocate for our children, the more we blog and connect, the more publicly-available information we generate,” said Celi Trepanier of Crushing Tall Poppies.

Ultimately, notes Carolyn Fox of a 2E Fox Revived, the group “gives un/homeschoolers a voice. It gives us a sense of agency and is a source of empowerment.”

For a list of blogs around the globe who feature stories related to parenting and/or educating gifted/2e kids, see GHF’s “Blogs from Around the World” page. Pamela Price is the author of How to Work and Homeschool: Practical Advice, Tips, and Strategies from Parents (GHF Press, 2013). She can be found blogging at

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