Topics GHF Press would love to cover

logo GHFpressGHF Press has already published several books on issues affecting gifted, 2e, and alternative education families, and we have even more in process. Still, we have many topics we would love to cover. All we need are the writers who are passionate about delving into these issues and sharing their research and insights with readers.

Listed below are topics we have brainstormed, and we are open to others. Some may stand alone, while two or three may combine to create a stronger book. Once you have gone through this list and checked out our Basic Submission Guidelines, please feel free to contact our Editor in Chief, Sarah J. Wilson, with your ideas and any writing samples or blog links.

We look forward to working with you!

GHF Press Topics
Family relationships
Gifted homeschooling as a co-parenting issue
Gifted homeschooling through a divorce (custody issues?)

Advocating for your gifted child (homeschool or otherwise)
Finding and using curriculum
Issues minorities face in gifted homeschooling
Gifted homeschooling on the road
The neurology of gifted homeschooling
Single parenting and gifted homeschooling
Carving out time for self-care
Social media in gifted homeschooling (a good topic for a parent and teen collaboration)
Legal issues/advocating in the courts
Deschooling your gifted kid
What professionals need to know about giftedness and 2e issues
When you must seek an outside teacher: how to find the right one for your child
When to push and when to go with the flow: learning when you child is ready
Picking your battles: when to fight for your child’s educational rights and how
Field trips: how to build a great educational experience that is on the road and hands on
Books focused resources, support, legal issues in specific geographic regions:
– Northeast US
– Southwest US
– California
– Pacific Northwest
– New England
– TriState Area (NY, NJ, Southern CT)
– Southeast US
– Florida
– Canada
– Australia
– New Zealand
– Britain
– EU

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