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Lots Happening at GHF!

At GHF, we never sit on our laurels. Instead, we
continue to find ways to reach out to, support,
and advocate on behalf of the gifted and 2e

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I’m a headstrong person who does not care to
have anyone approving my curriculum (and I live
in a state with that freedom). While in high
school, my child knew he wanted to try out for
collegiate athletics, and instead of my jumping
through the hoops of NCAA eligibility, I told
him he could tryout after his freshman year when
he would have college grades and be NCAA
eligible that way. I am proud to report that he
made the Baylor Co­ed Cheer Squad this spring!

Sic ’em Bears!

~Ann Dorminy, GA Regional


Broadcom MASTERS Semifinalist

We are very proud of Becky and her project,
Rhizosphere Inoculant Effects on Seedling
Maturity. She’s been named one of the

300 Broadcom MASTERS semifinalists
Semifinalists were selected from more than 2,230
applicants after each application received three
independent readings and evaluations by
distinguished scientists, engineers, and
educators. Nominees qualified to enter the
Broadcom MASTERS by being among the top 10
percent of the participants at their
SSP­-affiliated science fairs.

~Ann Dorminy, GA Regional


Teaching Kids Electronics

makes hands-on projects to teach
kids electronics. Come learn with our free
interactive online project to build an LED


Membership Prices Increasing!

Membership prices will increase in 2016!

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History At Our House

We combine the world’s first fully integrated
and essentialized history curriculum with
inspiring, expert distance teachers who
demonstrate why, in Thomas Jefferson’s words,
“History . . . is that knowledge most useful to


the cat, the fish and the waiter

This trilingual children’s book in
English,French and Spanish will delight
children. especially, those that are trying to
learn a new language.


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