Danielle Guyader, New Jersey Regional Contact TECA

I was proud to support GHF at the TECA (Twice Exceptional Children’s Advocacy) Conference in New York. This was a great opportunity for me to learn about the other facilities available in and around my area for gifted children. I am now better able to inform others within my homeschooling community on some great local resources. Many times, parents approach each other with questions about where to go for support, and what GHF offers is endless! I am continuously encouraging parents to check out GHF’s resources and to read GHF’s blogs of other families who share their situations, as they may find themselves facing the same struggles or celebrating the same accomplishments.


To learn more about GHF’s regional contacts or to find one in your area, please visit To learn more about becoming a regional contact for GHF, please contact our Outreach Manager.

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