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GHF in AtlantaOur gifted group (near Atlanta) has something for everyone, allowing all kids to delve deeply into their area of interest. In December, we held Project Day, which included a science fair to help kids qualify for the regional fair, and resulted in two national fair and three state entries. Our math clubs (middle, junior varsity, and varsity) have attended several meets and taken the AMC 10/12A. Our physicists have taken the F=MA qualifying test. Three of the participants have already enjoyed AP Physics and form the core of our physicist group. And in September, our history group engaged in a Constitution reading on the town square.

The kids love having a place where they can be themselves, not hide their high scores, and be reminded that they aren’t alwaysGHF in Atlanta the smartest person in the room. The club helps keep egos in check. For example, we had a sixth grade student try to show off that he was doing eighth grade math, but then someone pointed out that a girl on his team was already in geometry. He swallowed hard. That lesson will stick with him. This knowledge has kept my own kids working hard despite being “smarter” than peers in their district. Someone else may succeed by working harder, so it is up to the individual to use his or her talents wisely. Our group encourages hard work over just being smart.

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For information on gifted homeschooling in the Atlanta region, contact Ann Dorminy

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