GHF in the Philippines

PhilippinesAs the GHF Philippines Regional Contact, Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag attended the Philippine Center for Gifted Education (PCGE) conference, where she provided information and distributed GHF’s free brochures. Though most of the attendees were teachers and school staff, many parents did attend. Teresa met with some of the guest speakers and invited some of them to the future activities and meet-ups she has planned for the gifted and 2e community in the Philippines.  

Dr. June Maker, the main speaker, addressed how to better assess learners. Knowing homeschooling parents would benefit from this information, Teresa intends to share her notes in the future with other parents in the Philippines who are homeschooling their gifted or 2e children.

By attending the convention, Teresa learned about updates from the Department of Education’s plans to help address the needs of the gifted and 2e in the country. She took the opportunity to share with them her personal experiences looking for schools for my two older children. Only a few schools offer SPED, and among schools with SPED, only one had experience with gifted children, as most focus on helping kids with developmental delays.

Teresa also learned more about the schools focused on the gifted and talented, like the Philippine High Science High School and the Philippine High School for the Arts. While the science high school now has more branches in the Philippines, the high school for the arts has only one branch.

After attending this year’s convention, Teresa sees the increased need to reach out to the parents of the gifted and 2e in the Philippines. Teresa looks forward to being instrumental in creating that support for the Philippine gifted and 2e community, especially to homeschoolers.


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