GHF Kentucky: Getting to Know Joy Navan

gifted eldersGHF regional contact Joy L. Navan, M.A., is a Licensed Psychological Associate, at Amend Psychological Services, PSC, serving the needs of the gifted population of all ages in western Kentucky, Tennessee and southern Illinois. Ms. Navan provides assessment and therapy services for gifted children, adolescents, adults, and elders. Upon retirement from Murray State University as professor emeritus in education, Ms. Navan was motivated to retrain to meet the social, emotional, and educational needs of the gifted. With her advanced Spanish degree, Ms. Navan is able to provide gifted services to the Spanish-speaking population.

As a former educator, Ms. Navan has experience teaching gifted students in the classroom and experience teaching graduate courses on gifted education in college. She served as a consultant for parents of gifted children, providing qualitative assessment and educational consultation. Her years of service include director of the Murray State Center for Gifted Studies; the Kentucky State Advisory Council for Gifted and Talented Education; the Kentucky Association for Gifted Education Board (KAGE); and the Board of Directors for Supporting Emotional Needs of Gifted (SENG). Ms. Navan is also a member of the Kentucky Psychological Association (KPA) and the American Psychological Association (APA). Ms. Navan has written numerous academic and community articles regarding the nature and needs of gifted individuals and she is the author of Nurturing the Gifted Female: A Guide for Educators and Parents.

Much is written about the world, nature, and needs of gifted children and adolescents, alongside a growing body of writing about gifted adults. In her upcoming GHF Press book, On Gifted Elders, she explores the next phase of giftedness: Elderhood. Readers and the entire gifted community will discover the current thoughts and research regarding our aging gifted individuals: their characteristics, strengths, and lives. With this book, she hopes to awaken an awareness of gifted elders’ needs and create a network of advocacy on their behalf. Furthermore, I wish to inform family members and caregivers so they may come to acknowledge and honor giftedness of their elders. Finally, she hopes to inspire all who interact daily with our elders to understand that, just as gifted students need differentiated learning experiences that respond to their unique needs, our society needs responsive communities and residences that respond to the intensities and wisdom of our gifted elders. 

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