Need more regional contacts!


We’re seeing an sudden increase in interest in homeschooling and could really use more Regional Contacts. Are you willing to answer the occasional inquiry, helping others learn about the gifted and homeschool resources in their area? We’d love to cover more ground, get the word out to more people and find out what is offered in your area – and how we can help!  We send speakers, support smaller groups, ship our FREE brochures and then some.

You can get a pretty good idea of what our volunteers do on the Local and Regional Support page. You can also see some a few recent posts about GHF presence at events.

If you think you’d like to give back to our community, please email Carissa Leventis-Cox at Carissa is our Outreach Manager and she’ll help you decide if this is right for you and then get you set up!  


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4 Responses to Need more regional contacts!

  1. Laura Hard af Segerstad says:

    I am in the Orlando area, north side. I would be happy to help. My son is 2e, profoundly gifted with Aspie diagnosis. My M.A. is in Curriculum Development.

  2. Kathryn Johnson says:

    Ii am in MN and do this already for people I meet/read posts from. We are mostly well set up as a state for HS. I can take a few moe questions.

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