About My Dad: Father’s Day Thoughts

He comes to all my soccer games. Riley, age 12soccer, football, basketball, baseball, sports

He’s awesome because . . . he’s so good you can’t even describe him! Sydney, age 8

I love that no matter how many times we mess up, he’ll still love us. Avery, age 10T-shirt, Dad, Father

Well, I like him because he plays games with me and we watch videos together. And he always gives me hugs and kisses at night and every day when he goes to work. And he goes bike riding with me. Ayla, age 6

He likes chocolate. I like him because he is so sweet. Charlie, age 5

He’s funny and he cooks new things that I make up in my brain.  Cooper, age 6

He lets us play on the iPad, and watch TV, and help him outside, and dig and find worms, and protect them from birds, and protect butterflies! Eli, age 4

He’s funny, really funny, but he sometimes gets annoying.  Liz, age 6

He is the best because he plays with me and he always helps me. Jake, age 6

He’s my best buddy. Eli, age 3Dad, Father's Day, book

He’s funny and nice and caring. Well, everything really. Lucy, age 10

Father’s Day is just around the corner. How do you celebrate the father in your house? One family we know spends the day weeding and NewfromNikkicleaning the yard of a grandfatherly man in the neighborhood whose family lives quite a distance away. Others give Dad a day of peace and quiet. My children are planning to make Dad some crafts they’ve found on the Scholastic website, take him hiking, and purchase an item from his wishlist. If you are thinking of buying something nice for Dad this year, remember to Shop with GHF Amazon and support GHF at the same time!

Looking for some fun and easy craft ideas? Check these links for some of our favorite projects:
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Celebrate Dad from Martha Stewart
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New from Nikki GHFWhen she is not stuck in a book, Nicole Linn homeschools two of her three children, and blogs about gifted children and adults at Through a Stronger Lens. She is also Online Merchandise Manager for GHF.

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