Encounter Big Ideas while Learning at Home: The Power of GHF Online Classes

I’m a smart and curious person. I love asking big questions. There’s nothing that excites me more than an intellectually stimulating conversation. It could be about any topic, and I’m excited. I can geek out on pretty much anything, especially when others are excited too. Growing up, finding learning opportunities … Continue reading

Some Tricks to Get More “Treat” for Your Intense Kids’ Halloween Night


Ah, Halloween – a night of creepy-crawlies, spooky scares and blood-curdling screams. If you’ve got an intense kid, chances are you can experience all of these before you even leave the house! We’ve rounded up a few things that might help the whole family enjoy the festivities with fewer freak-outs. … Continue reading

Twice Exceptional (2e) Resource Roundup


Giftedness is not just test scores or academic achievement. Gifted children can be twice-exceptional—both gifted and have learning differences—resulting in an extreme asynchrony that can exponentially increase parenting challenges. These exceptionalities may include autism, auditory and visual processing issues, dyslexia and dysgraphia, sensory integration dysfunction, ADD or ADHD, bipolar disorder, OCD, … Continue reading

You Still Have Time to Get That Special Valentine’s Day Gift!


Still have a few near-and-dear kindred spirits to cross off your Valentine’s list? Check out these thoughtful and fun ideas that will arrive in two days or less on Amazon Prime—all without a hint of last-minute panic. Click through our links, and you’ll be helping GHF for having your back! … Continue reading

Fill Their Minds Instead of Their Shelves: Gift One-of-a-Kind GHF Online Classes

book explorer's club

It’s becoming a well-worn holiday gift-giving mantra: Experiences over stuff. We have good intentions, but this involves more thought and planning and we just had Halloween, and now there’s Thanksgiving, and we’re at a checkpoint with our schooling, and aren’t the kids going to freak out if they don’t have … Continue reading