5 Traditional-with-a-Twist Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother's DayMother’s Day gifts tend to stay in just a few lanes. Not surprising, given clueless kids, spouses under pressure, and the moms in question providing little-to-no guidance: “Oh, you don’t have to get me anything.” “Well, a mug would be nice.” “So long as it comes from the heart.” Ladies? Get to hinting! Or, heck, treat yourself! Here are five takes on your typical offerings that we hope you’ll love.

1)    Upgrade the standard bubble bath or shower gel to this Aprilis organic bath bomb kit.

Like a Willy Wonka fizzy lifting drink for the skin, each beautifully wrapped bomb will burst into a Technicolor frenzy of flower petals and pure essential oils. Scents range from floral to herbaceous. The colors easily rinse clean from skin and tub, no worries. Add this can’t-be-mad Mother's Dayshower cap, and righteously boast that you gave your special mama unicorns and rainbows!


2)    You’re going to go with that tea-bag sampler again? Pair it with the snazzy Royal Electric Kettle.

Mother's Day

This baby quickly brings water to a boil that the staunchest Englishwoman would deem “hot enough.” Made from stainless steel and glass, so no plastic smell or taste, plus it’s cordless–sorcery! 

Now, add this mug, and it becomes plain that you totally get your mom.

Mother's Day


3)    Instead of another Greatest Hits CD that says, “I think you’re old,” check out this crazy-cool 21st century ION Audio Max turntable that sings, “I know you’re old school!”

In retro “natural wood,” the unit is as stylish as it is tunes-worthy. The deceptively small speakers deliver epic sound, and the turntable plays all standard sizes of records. What takes it to the here-and-now is the ability to convert all of mom’s favorites into digital files for enjoying anywhere (software included)! It also has an output for headphones, so she can blast it post-kid-bedtime.


Mother's Day

4)    Along with those homemade coupons for chores that are meant to give her a breather, give her actual clean air to breathe!

The GermGuardian Night-Night 4-in-1 air purifier is a powerhouse against all manner of irritants, thanks to its HEPA filter and UV-C sanitizer. Too utilitarian to gift? Ah, but this isn’t a beige behemoth on her bedroom floor. Nope! Think Poppy Pink or Awesome Aqua!


Mother's Day

5)    Flowers are pretty. They’re also expensive and dead in a week.

For a floral arrangement she can continue to appreciate, consider this lovely Garden Republic Mini-Bonsai kit. Presented in an attractive wooden box, the kit contains everything she needs to care for her bonsai, and even gives access to a free eBook and video link for novices and aficionados alike.



Looking for other Mother’s Day ideas? Check out everything Amazon has to offer. If you use our affiliate link, your perfect gift will help support GHF, at no extra cost to you!

We wish you a fun & relaxing Mother’s Day!

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