6 Wearable Gifts that Celebrate Giftedness, Homeschooling, and Neurodiversity


If there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s that we’ve found “our people” here in the GHF community. After all, we are the ones they’re referring to in that meme, “I love my computer. All my friends live in there.” Being different or doing things differently can sometimes be an alienating experience when we venture out into society, and it’s nice to have a way to feel that sense of belonging or just spark a conversation. These six clever and comfy gift ideas give you (treat yourself!) or the outlier in your life a way to connect, stylishly!

celebrate neurodiversityBecause “normal” IS just a setting on a washing machine! Look how the bright butterfly graphic pops against the deep royal blue.   –> 

celebrate neurodiversity


<– Spirit wear for your global education: “The World Is My Classroom.”



celebrate neurodiversity

This fun Subway Art Design word block just about says it all! It has a cool retro-70s vibe in the tan and brown raglan tee. –>


celebrate neurodiversity



<– Well, this is definitely a dialogue starter! “I’ll give you a topic: Gifted does not equal perfect. Discuss!”

celebrate neurodiversity


Squad goals right here: the GHF: Gifted Homeschoolers Forum atomic logo tee keeps us connected to each other. Get it in the zen leaf green and you’re all set for a day of calm. –>


celebrate neurodiversity<– Celebrate Outside-the-Box thinking with this adorable affirmation! So cute in a fleecy sweatshirt.

“I don’t just think outside the box, I disassemble the box, then use the parts to make AWESOME!” Does this describe anyone you know?


All of these designs are customizable to your specified tee, tank, sweatshirt, or hoodie style, color and size, from baby to adult extended, and feature at least one kid option that is tagless.  Designs are also available on a mug, a keychain, a purseholder, and a whole bunch of other items! Check out the various collections. A portion of each sale helps support GHF!


ghf zazzle

celebrating neurodiversity


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