GHF Bloggers Spotlight: Podcast Roundup


Many of you know and love GHF’s fabulous bloggers—they’re your friends who live inside your computer! Now, you can put warm, knowledgeable voices to those comforting words of wisdom from these three pals who have their own podcasts. Of course, new friends are always welcome. Pop in your earbuds and have a listen!



Heather and Jon Boorman: The Fringy Bit Podcast

This wife-and-husband therapist duo tackle the complex and complicated that is raising their twice-exceptional children with experience, expertise, and, above all, reality. In their words:

We share all this not to gloat about how great or “special” our kids are. There are some things they excel at and some things they are awful at. And, frankly, being gifted doesn’t mean better, nor does it mean easier. In fact, it means that our family life can be intense and exhausting. And, yes, of course it can be joyful, but here’s where The Fringy Bit really came to life. There are plenty of stories about parenting higher needs kids, but a lot of them wrap it up in a nice little bow. “Sure, it’s hard, but I wouldn’t change my wittle wuvey dovey baby for anything.” To this we shout SHENANIGANS!

Recent episodes have addressed topics like dyspraxia, gifted social quirks, and feeling vulnerable as the parent of a special needs kid.


Colleen Kessler: Raising Lifelong Learners Podcast podcasts

Gifted specialist/parent of four gifted/2e kids, Colleen, and her expert guests discuss methods and strategies for homeschooling and parenting gifted and 2e kids with less overwhelm. Upbeat and focused on how to inspire both children and their parents, Colleen issues this invitation:

Want to raise your kids to love learning? To become lifelong learners? Children who know that they can find the answers to anything they’re curious about? This podcast is all about learning, exploring passions, cultivating creativity, and encouraging our kids to be fascinated by the world around them.

Listeners and readers will appreciate the comprehensive list of resource links for every podcast episode that Colleen includes on her blog.


Caitlin Curley and Kara Anderson: The Homeschool Sisters Podcast

Caitlin of My Little Poppies, and her sister, Kara, are The Homeschool Sisters. They get down to the practicalities of homeschooling, like how to do read-aloud time even through multiple interruptions or customize your ideal homeschool planner—all things organization and time management, right down to how everyone’s getting happily fed in the midst of overlapping routines! As they put it:

On this podcast, we talk about real life homeschooling, books, caffeine addiction, and surviving and thriving through these wonderful years. We don’t have it all figured out, but one thing we know for sure is that homeschooling is a lot easier when you have a sister by your side. So grab a cup of coffee or tea and let’s hang out . . . Do people still say that?

They’ve got the kind of infectious enthusiasm that will light up your “can-do,” and everyone’s an honorary Sister.

Happy listening, friends!

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