Encounter Big Ideas while Learning at Home: The Power of GHF Online Classes

I’m a smart and curious person. I love asking big questions. There’s nothing that excites me more than an intellectually stimulating conversation. It could be about any topic, and I’m excited. I can geek out on pretty much anything, especially when others are excited too.

Growing up, finding learning opportunities for others like me was a little awkward. I was quirky. I was different. I was… gifted. Those of us who wear the label gifted know that it’s often a double-edged sword. Your intellectual peers tend to be a lot older than you are, and a lot feels out of sync. It’s not so much that finding interesting things to learn about is hard; it’s about finding the right people to share the experience with.

Today, learning with others is different. Today, we have virtual classrooms. Today, the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum hosts GHF Online classes that are specifically designed to meet the needs of gifted and twice-exceptional learners.

I keep looking at the GHF Online Spring 2019 course line-up in disbelief. I wonder what 10-year-old me would have chosen. I’ve always been inclined toward math where Mathematical Explorations: Geometry I sounds cool. I could also see myself experimenting more in life sciences to discover more about Changing Life: Extinction, Evolution, Conservation. 10-year-old me would have been delighted to debate the merits of different approaches to save the giant panda…. Heck, adult me kind of wishes I could go back. 10-year-old me probably would have wanted to dabble, taking one course at a time. And it would have been a relief to find a place where I could be myself, no matter my learning temperament.

I’m also excited to see that GHF has a whole range of classes for kids 13 and over. As a teenager, I felt forgotten in a lot of gifted places. It was easy to “age out” of various programs or watch the crowd of like-minded learners dwindle. I was a teen full of big ideas and big projects. I loved science fair, so I probably would be checking out “How to Research Like a Professor” and “Project Planning: From Initial Idea to Polished Project.”

The power of GHF Online classes is that the catalog feels like something straight from a “Choose Your Own Adventure” story. Having now been on the teaching side in online classes for gifted kids, I’ve seen spark ignite behind their eyes and their bodies visibly react when they realize that they truly can choose.

What adventure most excites learners you love?

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