Fill Their Minds Instead of Their Shelves: Gift One-of-a-Kind GHF Online Classes

It’s becoming a well-worn holiday gift-giving mantra: Experiences over stuff. We have good intentions, but this involves more thought and planning and GHFO we just had Halloween, and now there’s Thanksgiving, and we’re at a checkpoint with our schooling, and aren’t the kids going to freak out if they don’t have wrapping to rip open?! Before we realize it, we’re swept up in the pressure and commercial chaos, and BAM—everyone gets matching buffalo-check moose pajamas that cost a couple hundred bucks and looked so cute on the family in the ad, but are destined for the storage bin on December 26th. This year, no. This year, let’s be smart about this thing!

GHF Online is offering a spring line-up of unique classes that are designed to engage, educate and delight your quirky big-thinker –  absolutely gift-worthy and sure to be appreciated. Here is a sampling:

chemistry GHF stem homeschoolIntro to Chemistry with Jade Rivera (ages 10+)

What is matter, and why does it matter? Let’s test the boundaries of… EVERYTHING – what is it made of, how does it all work together and how can we even define the limitless?


Think Like A Scientist with Madeline Goodwin (ages 12+)  

Have you been told that you ask too many questions? Did you then ask, maybe rhetorically, is that supposed to be a bad thing? Congratulations, you’re a natural at thinking like a scientist! Everything around us is right there, waiting to be discovered, challenged, probed and tested in new ways, and here is where you learn the technique.

Intro to Botany with Anastasia Risley (ages 7-12)

Plants keep everything alive, and we’re not just talking your mom’s sneaky-healthy kale chips. From food to medicine to the very air we breathe, plant-life is essential. It is also a vast and varied part of our world, with a lot to know and discover – let’s go on an adventure!


Intro to Anthropology: Humankind with Anastasia Risley (ages 12+)

To quote the philosopher Jim Morrison, “people are strange.” Even our closest animal relatives scratch their heads (then eat the flea), and wonder how we happened. This “expedition into the story of humanity” endeavors to figure us out.

Image result for radix numberSpecial Topics in Mathematics with Lisa Fontaine-Rainen (ages 8-14)

Get those logic goggles on and look at the world through the lens of mathematical principles –  pattern, proportion, ratio and symmetry – we can see math all around us!


Head over to our GHFO Class Schedule for a complete listing and up-to-date information. Registration is open now, and GHF supporting members get $15 off each class! Not a supporting member yet? Join now at

And if you’re itching to have something rippable to go along with your chosen class, head over to Shop GHF where you’re sure to find the perfect tie-in!

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