Five+ Books for the Times You Doubt Your Homeschool Choices

NewFromNikkiWhether you are a veteran homeschooler or brand new to this adventure, Back to School season tends to bring about a slew of emotions: fear, excitement, overwhelmedness, joy. And the questions persist: Will I be able to challenge my child enough? Will there be gaps in their learning? Will it be fun enough? Will they work hard enough? Can I really do this?

Listen, Homeschool Parent. You made a brave and strong decision when you decided to homeschool your atypical child. It may not always be easy, but you know in your heart it’s the right thing for your family. Here are a few books to read on the days when you question yourself, your child, or your methods.

GHF Pressjenmerrill_
Written by parents of gifted children who know exactly what you are going through, these books are packed with good information, empathy, humor, and advice, and are concise enough to read in your few quiet moments. Though every book in the collection is worth a read, start with these:



Free Range Learners, Laura Grace Weldon
Weldon discusses natural learning from the perspective of homeschoolers from preschool to high school, while incorporating data from scientists, developmental specialists, and innovators. You will feel as though you and Weldon are sitting down for coffee and a good homeschooling pep talk.



Free to Learn, Dr. Peter Gray
Gray, a developmental psychologist and natural learning advocate, has been researching the ways children learn and retain knowledge for many years. In Free to Learn, Dr. Gray shares his insights on the traditional school system and the necessity of free learning to raise confident, curious, and creative kids.


linda-silvermanGifted 101, Linda Silverman
A must-have for the gifted family, whether you are just beginning the gifted journey or are getting past the shell-shock of a young and gifted child. Silverman talks about gifted myths, the social and emotional development of the gifted child, how giftedness affects us throughout our lifespan, and much, much more.



Give Your Child the World, Jamie C. Martin jamie-martinDo you want to raise globally literate children but don’t know where to begin?  Martin, author of the Simple Homeschool blog, has put together a beautiful collection of literature recommendations for children to explore cultures, stories  and experiences from around the world. Separated by topic, age range, and country, the collections are simple to navigate. The only drawback? You may need a larger book budget this year.


ekoko_Natural Born Learners, Beatrice Ekwa Ekoko
A beautiful collection of essays on democratic learning from advocates, parents, and young adults who have lived a learning centered life. The variety of perspectives provide  refreshing boosts of confidence for the homeschool parent beginning to doubt her or himself.


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When she is not stuck in a book, Nicole Linn homeschools two of her three children, and blogs about gifted children and adults at Through a Stronger Lens. She is also Online Merchandise Manager for GHF. 

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