GHF’s 8 Stocking Stuffers That Haven’t Been Done to Death

stocking stuffer

You know . . . small enough to fit in a stocking doesn’t have to mean landfill garbage. Don’t get me wrong, a bit of kitsch here and a silly gag there? Ha ha ha! But after a while, fatigue sets in, along with a big thought bubble that just reads, “Why?” Below are eight thoughtful tokens of “I get you!”


stocking stuffers

1) Tile Mate with Replaceable Battery and Tile Slim – 4 pack Combo

Hey, we’re GHF – you knew we were going to throw a few in here that speak to our people! These are lifesavers for anyone, but particularly our big thinkers who, um, lose their keys. And their wallets. Sometimes, their whole backpacks. They just attach the Tile to the item they lose often, and when it goes missing, they signal it to play its alarm with their phone (they still have to remember where they put their phone, and to keep it charged!).  

stocking stuffers

2) NOVICA .925 Sterling Silver Copper Brass Spinner Meditation Ring ‘Five Delights’

Do you have a stylish chick in your life who happens to fidget like crazy? Give her this beautiful ring to wear with pride – she’ll adore having something always at the ready to keep calm, and everyone gets to keep their paper clips and pen caps!

stocking stuffers

3) GeoFlux Dual Pack Mesmerizing 3-D Kinetic Sculpture & Interactive Spring Toy, Silver, with 1 Large and 1 Finger Sized GeoFlux

Here’s a fascinating calm-and-focus toy that’ll elicit reactions of “Whoa!” The sleek spirals travel effortlessly up and down the arm. Try passing it back and forth with a friend! It is NOT a Slinky – play on with no fear of kinking or warping!

4) Sanho Yopo Dynamic Movement Sensory Soxstocking stuffers

For the tactile sensation aficionado, these full-body stretch socks may look silly (maybe that’s a bonus!), but they get the job done. Twist, bend, feel positive resistance and tension – just work it all out! There are several colors, and sizes from toddler to adult.

5) Funky Toys Flippy Kitten – Eye Popping Cat Large Squishy Squeeze Toy for Stress Reductionstocking stuffers

Okay, okay, this looks suspiciously like a gag gift, but don’t let its cockeyed goofiness fool you – the Flippy Kitten is a quality squeezy, satisfying stress-ball!

stocking stuffers

6) SET: The Family Game of Visual Perception

You’ve probably already discovered how hard it is to find games that are fun and challenging for all ages. This is one of

those games! It looks deceptively simple, maybe even dull. Don’t judge by its cover! Also? No taking turns. No chance or luck to flip the lids of your resident justice warriors. Just brain-tingling togetherness!

stocking stuffers

7)  LEGO BrickHeadz Hermione Granger Building Kit

Who turns down Lego? Who says “meh” to anything Potter? And these tiny Brickheadz? Come on, how cool are they? I’m partial to Hermione, but Harry comes with a dinky Hedwig, and a larger set pairs Ron with Dumbledore.

stocking stuffers

8) ViewSonic PA503S 3600 Lumens SVGA HDMI Projector

Okay, I know; just because it can technically fit in a stocking, it doesn’t make it a stocking stuffer . . . this is totally a splurge. But it’s awesome! The value is great for a recognizable brand and 3600 lumens – that means you can see the images in a lit room. Outdoor movie nights, slideshows, and virtual field trips! GIANT. KARAOKE. Think of the possibilities for your favorite homeschooler (even if that’s you)!

Hopefully, we’ve given you some good jumping off points to step up your stocking-stuffing game! As always, feel good knowing that, when you click on any of the above or use our affiliate link, you’ll help support us, at no extra cost to you!

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