Mother’s Day is Around the Corner!

mother's dayAfter Congress vetoed Mother’s Day in 1908, President Woodrow Wilson took it upon himself to sign the holiday into law in 1914. The rest of the world joined in on the celebration shortly after—the UK celebrating it on the fourth Sunday of Lent, Morocco celebrating it on the last Sunday of May, and Vietnam celebrating it on March 8, alongside over 40 other countries celebrating it throughout the spring. (You can read a little more about the history of Mother’s Day here.)

This Mother’s Day, try surprising the mothers in your life with something to make raising a gifted child just a little easier. Start with a book from the GHF Press, a recyclable tote bag from Zazzle, a monthly box from Kiwicrate, or read on for even more ideas!


YRM-Front-Cover-1-682x1024.jpgYour Rainforest Mind: A Guide to the Well-Being of Gifted Adults and Youth by Paula Prober

Giftedness doesn’t end in adulthood. Through case studies and extensive research, Paula will help the gifted mothers in your life tap into their inner creativity, find peace, and discover the limitless potential that comes with their Rainforest Mind.


Ichaos.jpgf This is a Gift, Can I Send It Back?: Surviving in the Land of the Gifted and Twice-Exceptional

Your mother will laugh, cry, and raise a glass to Jen Merrill as she reads about Jen’s crazy, chaotic life with two gifted/2e kids. Join Jen on her journey through discovery, understanding, and acceptance as she copes with the challenges that only the gifted and twice exceptional can create. Remember: it’s only funny because it’s true.

green-kid-crafts-logo.pngGreen Kid Crafts: Creativity and STEAM Kits for Kids!

Moms want to support their children’s creative and scientific explorations, but sometimes gathering all the pieces for an activity requires more time and planning than a busy mom can muster. Green Kid Crafts has the solution! Delivering monthly hands-on, award-winning, and eco-friendly Discovery Boxes, Creativity Kits, and STEAM Kits, Green Kids Crafts supplies activities designed for the whole family to enjoy together.


GHF Online 2018 Summer Classes

With summer right around the corner, moms of gifted/2e kids are searching for learning opportunities that welcome–not just tolerate–their quirky kids. At GHF Online, our instructors love working with gifted/2e kids, creating unique classes for their curious minds. Let the mothers in your life take a break as their children explore classes that cannot be found anywhere else.



Do you already know what you’re going to get the mom in your life for Mother’s Day? Consider purchasing it through GHF’s Amazon Associate link. At no extra cost to you, you will have the perfect gift for her while at the same time helping GHF!

Purchasing these and GHF’s many other affiliate products and services supports GHF at no additional cost to you! Thank you for supporting GHF!

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