Australia to Zimbabwe – A Romping Review

InAustralia to Zimbabwe her new book, Australia to Zimbabwe: A Rhyming Romp Around NewFromNikkithe World to 24 Countries, Ruth Fitts takes readers on a fact-filled adventure around the globe. Working her way through the alphabet, Fitts explores the geography, culture, and language of 24 countries (“W” is for the world, and “X” marks the spot!). Each selection includes a bit of the native language, music, literature, recipes to try, games to play, and much more. Australia to Zimbabwe is a fantastic stand-alone resource, but lends itself well to ideas for unit studies, or even as a stepping stone to developing a multidisciplinary curriculum for a variety of ages. The author’s website,, offers additional resources and ideas beyond the book. Some of our favorite activities from the book were:

  • Baking Danish Apple Cake (Denmark)
  • Learning a few words of Amharic (Ethiopia)
  • Figuring out our West African names (Ghana)
  • Playing “Eger” (Kazakhstan)
  • Watching “Secrets of the Inca Empire” (Peru)
  • Listening to Khaliji music (Qatar)
  • Mapping our favorite British literature characters (United Kingdom)
  • Carving a soap sculpture (Zimbabwe)

2016-06-22 14.10.49My five-year-old loves practicing the various languages and my eight-year-old enjoys soaking in all of the interesting trivia from around the world. Though rated for grades 5-8, a precocious reader will fully enjoy it.

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Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review.resource review


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